About The Artist

Jeremy Janus hiking in Boulder, Colorado

Photo Credit:  Holly Raines- check out her awesome photography at hollybraines.com

I am an avid hiker, traveler, and adventurer.  When I moved back to Colorado in August of 2016, I had a few friends push me into picking up a DSLR due to the amount of traveling and adventuring I was doing.  I started shooting nature photography a few months later and it has changed my life forever.  I was oblivious to so many of the nuances in nature that I now see completely different, such as the way light can cut through trees, shadows can add depth of field to landscapes, and colors can hide in the background until you find them.  My passion for adventure and enthusiasm about life has only been accentuated through all of the experiences and people that I have met through photography.  The reason I push myself so hard to continually improve in photography and in life is to inspire others to see the beauty of this earth and explore this beautiful planet that we have been blessed with.  I hope you enjoy my content and it inspires you to get out and make the best of your life!


Jeremy Janus

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