Giving Back Through Art

At 27 years old I was in one of the lowest points in my life. I left a job I hated without having another one in place, I had to cash out my 401k to pay my bills, I got kicked out of the place I was living and had to go live on my brother's couch in the one bedroom apartment he shared with his girlfriend and his dog, and I was using drugs and alcohol to cope with the stresses of my life. In the midst of all this, my mom called randomly one day to see how I was doing and I broke down on the phone and told her about everything. One of the greatest traits my mom has as a parent is that she knew how to manage each one of her children differently. She always knew she needed to challenge me and thus she said, "honey, I know you're going through a lot and I feel bad for you, today you can throw your pity party and everyone can join in. But tomorrow, I want you to count your eyes, your hands, and your feet, and realize how blessed your life is and then I want you to pick yourself up off of your ass and go and do something for someone other than yourself".

I spent the next 2 weeks painting 4 canvas and drawing 16 children's characters for the Denver Children's hospital. Since then, I have been able to donate 75 pieces of art to 8 different children's hospitals and Ronald McDonald houses in 4 different states.  Find something greater than yourself to give back to.  There is no greater feeling on this earth than giving, especially when you realize the impact it has on other people's lives and makes you see truly how blessed you are on this earth. Make this world a better place every single day because when you look back at your life it won't be the money, titles, and possessions you had on earth, but the people and experiences you shared that truly make life worth living.


Jeremy Janus

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